Singapore Physical Education Is Moving Away From Skills Based Approach

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Singapore physical education is moving away from skills-based approach where pupils are placed in rote learning situations like drills and skill practices where execution are done without understanding the rationale and link to actual games. To resolve the pupil 's perceived impression of skill learning for games as tiresome and boring, games concept approach (GCA) is identified as the preferred pedagogical approach. GCA aims to see improvement in the pupils ' ability to learn and play games as they are able to relate tactics and skills applied in the actual games and going through proper skill development (Tan, Wright, McNeill, Fry & Tan, 2002). This paper aims to review three GCA game categories namely territorial-invasion, striking-fielding, and net-barrier games making reference to Anglo-Chinese School Junior (ACSJ) physical education classes that apply GCA.
Invasion game aims to attack opponent 's territory and it involves two teams moving into opponent 's territory with a ball and score by shooting into a fixed target, like a goal or basket, or an open-ended target like across a line (Mitchell, Oslin & Griffin, 2013). Basketball is a popular game for territorial-invasion. As the team has to score points and at the same time deny the opposing team ' from scoring points. Invasion game is popular as the nature of game is dynamic as the individual and team need constant effectual decisions to maintain possession of ball, avoid opposing…

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