Essay on Singapore International Airlines: Company Analysis

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Singapore International Airlines: Company Analysis


A Marketing Study in partial fulfillment of the Module ADPM/01

Supervised by Ms. Charmie Jayaweera


This report is a comprehensive study on the chronological overview of the Singapore International Airlines (SIA) and gives a brief profile of its various businesses. The report then identifies and discusses the influence of the environmental factors that have given it a dominant position in the global airlines industry. A critical analysis of SIA in the context of its basic business operations and marketing strategies follows. The report concludes with an outlook on the present and future performance of SIA.

This report is an extensive study on SIA’s mission,
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According to Johnston and Wirtz (2006) this is underpinned by the following six core values:

• Pursuit of excellence: We strive for the highest professional standards in our work and aim to be the best in everything we do.

• Safety: We regard safety as an essential part of all our operations. We maintain our equipment and adopt practices that promote the safety of our customers and staff.

• Customer first: Our customers are foremost in our minds all the time. We go the extra mile to exceed their expectations.

• Concern for staff: We value our staff and care for their well being. We treat them with respect and dignity and seek to provide them with appropriate training and development so that they can lead fulfilling careers.

• Integrity: We strive for fairness in all our business and working relationships.

• Teamwork: We work with pride as a worldwide team to achieve success together.

Operational with one of the most modern and high-tech fleets in the industry, its route network spans 90 cities in 40 countries across five continents. In recent years SIA has expanded its global and local presence rapidly, mainly due to its ability to adapt to the constantly changing market benchmarks and trends. Recognized as the pioneer of in-flight services by introducing customer value additions such as free drinks and complimentary

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