Singapore Elementary School Psychology Case Study Essay

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This case study revolves around John. He is a capable 11 year old pupil who is an above average ability boy. However, he almost did not make it into the standard stream in his school. His results were badly affected due to his frequent inattention in class as well as his incomplete homework.
He is enrolled in an elite primary school that has the GEP program. Based on the class grades, he is the weakest pupil in the last standard class. John is greatly unmotivated and shows no interest in his lessons or any class activities. His classmates and even other better achieving schoolmates look down on him due to his poor grades. They exclude him from their activities and frequently ridicule him due to his behaviour and differences.
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They neglect him as due to their own hectic schedule, they are both unable to spend quality time with him. Parents who are neglectful have a tendency to nurture children who have difficulties handling matters on their own, socially adapting themselves, controlling themselves and being unmotivated (Baumrind (1996). This explains John’s problems on the social awkwardness he faces when interacting with his classmates.
In such as case, we would have to first solve the problems John has in his family. He needs to take the initiative to talk to his parents with regards to their absence in his life as they may not be aware of the effect of their absence.
However at times, troubled or estranged parents may disregard their child’s as they are more focused on their own personal issues. With the help of a teacher or even the school counsellor, he can go about his difficulties communicating with his parents. The teacher could then communicate with the parents and arrange for a meeting. The teacher’s involvement could flag the importance of the issue and make John’s parents more concerned and thus try their best to attend their meeting. This John would be able to create a better microsystem for himself.
The problems John has in his school also need to be dealt with. His teachers who are aware of his poor academic performance should be more proactive and contact his parents to discuss the matter to find the source of

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