Sin Yoon Loong Case Study

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Company Background

In Malaysia, Ipoh White Coffee is a popular coffee beverage, which originate in Ipoh, Perak (OMICS International, 2015). Sin Yoon Loong (2015) is an international white coffee manufacturer company, which based in Ipoh, Perak. The company was started from a small coffee shop, which was established in 1937 by co-founder Wong Poh Chew and Wong Poh Ting. In 2000, the new branch in Ipoh city has been opened and another new branch in Kuala Lumpur has been opened in the year of 2003. In an effort to meet the market demand and to satisfy the taste of modern coffee lovers, in 2010, Sin Yoon Loong White Coffee has successfully produced MyCofe 3-in-1 instant Ipoh White Coffee into the market. In 2011, the all new factory have been
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According to 2013 population from Department of Statistic Malaysia (2013), Malaysia has more than 50% of the population is younger than 35 years old. These are fast growing of the country's workforce who are willing to spend in F&B expenditure as compared with previous generations. Therefore, F&B industry could be the biggest beneficiary of country young generation (Ian, 2012). As reported by Kang (2013) and Desmond (2015), the Old Town White Coffee, which has 37% of white coffee market shares in Malaysia. It is the leader of the white coffee market in …show more content…
The brand is strong local acceptance and well recognised by Malaysian, especially residents in Ipoh city. The company has several powerful strengths on which to benefit, for example, the new manufacturing plant was completed and put into production operations in 2011. Furthermore, Sin Yoon Loong has an extensive distribution network in Asia. As of today, the products of Sin Yoon Loong have been exported to Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and China. Sin Yoon Loong is a family business, which has transitioned to the third generation. The owner has the skill and knowledge to manage and sustain the

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