Sin Rostro: A Short Story

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A tall lone figure was at an unknown location in New York. The mysterious individual was dressed in a thick coat that was as black as the night sky. Sitting at his grand desk, he started to plan his revenge. This evil villain’s name was Sin Rostro.Also in New York lived an honourable hero. He was named NINDROID 27. He had humongous muscles and was the local hero of the people in the ‘Big Apple’. Fighting villains was his life. NINDROID 27 could lift 50 cars with ease and could fly speedily in the sky.On January the 16th 2016 Villain captured the President of the United States. He anticipated to keep him captive and get paid millions of dollars to return him to the White House. Sin Rostro is an remarkably sneaky man, so it was not challenging for him to capture the great …show more content…
Sin Rostro then cautiously removed the uniform of the guard and put it on. Task one complete. Quick, is what Villain had to be. Soon enough someone was bound to notice an unconscious security guard on the floor.Sin Rostro walked swiftly into the White House and headed for the President’s office. While walking in the corridor another security guard approached him and said ‘ Bob, remember that thing that we have to do, let’s do it now,’ Sin Rostro was lost for words and said nothing and silently walked away. The other guard was utterly confused and wondered about what had just happened. Then he realised that it wasn’t Bob who he had just chatted to and quickly he darted after Evillain. As soon as Sin Rostro arrived in the president's office, he shouted. “ Quick, Quick Mr President come with” At that very moment, before A Sin Rostro could finish his sentence, the security guard and NINDROID 27 both entered the office NINDROID 27 flew in at lightning speed and Sin Rostro sprinted in.Sin Rostro was grabbed by NINDROID 27’s ultra strong arms and was hurled out the window where the police were waiting for

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