Simulation The Chief Operating Officers Of Angle Inc. Essay

1532 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 null Page
Oligopoly Simulation
Bruce Cadwallader, Kelsey Seeds, Mary Taylor, and Gloria Tolson
Ohio Dominican University

Background In this simulation the Chief Operating Officers of Angle Inc. competed against two different companies, Circle and Square selling the product Alpha. Angle, Inc. is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and has been only been operating for only five years (Pearson Education, 2014). The overall goal for Angel Inc. is to establish the best financial operation with the main objectives being to earn the highest profits in the market and have the most sales in the market. At the beginning of the simulation, it is known that each company is selling Alpha to one-third of the market with no forecasted growth in the market. Therefore, the CEOs of Angle, Inc., are aware that the competition is in a fixed market that there is little to no growth, unless action is taken in such a way that will allow a company to take a larger share of the existing market. Next, research indicates that Angle, Inc. has three types of customers that purchase Alpha. The first types of customer, those which are brand loyal, tend to buy from the brand they like regardless of competition if all aspects are similar. Next, are customers that are price sensitive, in other words, these customers want the lowest price possible regardless of quality or other features provided. Finally, there are customers that are marketing sensitive. These are the customers that can be lured…

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