Simpson Case : The Murder Case Essay

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When people think or hear of a mysterious case, suspicions often arise. Many people are familiar with the O.J. Simpson case, and they agree or disagree with the outcome that was settled. Most people believe that O.J. Simpson is guilty, yet the jury found him not guilty. Clearly, these facts indicate that the O.J. Simpson case continues to confound researchers in today’s society. By realizing the essential facts surrounding this mystery and investigating the various theories regarding the case, one can see that the most obvious answer to this mystery is the amount of money that was involved, popularity, and the attorney who defended O.J.
June 12, 1994, a horrifying tragedy took place. This night lives in infamy because Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered. Nicole Simpson is the ex-wife of the famous football player O.J. Simpson. Nicole and O.J. Simpson have two children, Sydney and Justin. According to Baker, et al, O.J. and Nicole’s children, ages eight and five, slept soundly as the murders took place (57). O.J. was a suspect for the murder of the two victims. Also, according to Baker, et al, “O.J. and Nicole tried to reconcile, but she broke it off for good a week and a half before she died” (59). Could this action mean that O.J. was deeply angry and could not fathom the thought of Nicole not wanting to be with him be motive enough for him to kill?
The famous football player was arrested for the murder of Nicole and Ron, and the jury found the defendant,…

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