Simple Habits For Living In The Present Moment By S. J. Scott And Barrie Madison

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have read many books along my schooling career but none that have helped my quite this much in my personal life. I am going to explain to you why I chose this book, how this book has impacted me, how this book relates to other practices, and finally, how this book will affect my practice and my personal choices.
10-minute mindfulness: 71 Simple Habits for Living in the Present Moment
We had two choices of books, and I chose to read 10-Minute Mindfulness: 71 Simple
Habits for Living in the Present Moment by S. J. Scott and Barrie Davenport. I chose this book because it seemed fitting for my life. I am always on the run, always have a plan, and I am constantly thinking about what needs to happen next. From the moment I read the first page, I
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The authors articulate ways for you to change things in your daily routine, from the time you open your eyes until you go to sleep. They even help you out with an action plan to get things going. The authors say that you can change things that are already habits from negative to positive. (Scott & Davenport, 2017) I have a started small and I am working mindfulness into every aspect of my life, from sleep, to my morning routine, to work, and even eating dinner.
Two Topics of Interest
During the course of this book, I read 71 different ways to incorporate mindfulness into my life. There were many that resonated with my but there were two in particular that stood out to me. The first one was number nineteen. It is Be Present with Your Family. I have always thought I did a good job staying focused on my family and being there for the important things.
MINDFULNESS When I read this though, I realized it is not the big things like softball games or birthdays, it is the times that are unexpected. The important times are the times that make your family memories that nobody else understands. Turing the TV off, putting down the phone and the iPad, and
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Chesney of the University of California, San Francisco.
According to another article from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), there has even been research to show that mindful meditation can help reduce or improve the symptoms of cancer.
Per the NIH, “Evidence that meditation can help cancer patients relieve anxiety, stress, fatigue, and general mood and sleep disturbances, thus improving their quality of life.” (NIH, 2015) This would be especially helpful to nurses on the oncology floor. Overall, the majority of the information that I have found on being mindful and mindful meditation all coincides with one another in that it is very beneficial both mentally and physically.
Everyday life and Practice Application
I will be using what I have learned from this book in my everyday life and also in my practice as a registered nurse. I am slowly being more self-aware and more mindful of the little moments in my life. Not only am I finding the time to enjoy the small moments with my family, but I am reducing my anxiety by focusing on things that I can control and letting go of negativity. When I incorporate mindfulness in my practice, I plan on teaching my patients

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