Essay on Simon Peter Made A Speech

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1. Simon peter made a speech to the followers of Jesus that put forth a new spiritual message. They were followers of the new message of Jesus; they were a dedicated and enthusiastic group devoted to communal living who shared everything with each other for the common good.
2. James the Just of Jerusalem was the leader of the new religion in Jerusalem. Paul was the leader of the new religion outside of Jerusalem.
3. Saul was a young Jew, that considered himself the new religions worst enemy. He was born in Tarsus, and was a champion of Jewish orthodoxy and a persecutor of the new Jesus heresy. As Saul was approaching Damascus, a bright light for heaven surrounded him and he fell to the ground and heard the voice of God which asked him why Saul was persecuting him. The voice told him that he was Jesus, he was his followers, and he was the church.
4. After Saul converted he took the name of Paul. He then became the most enthusiastic proponent of Christian faith and he publicly proclaims the teaching of Jesus, and he wanted to bring the message of Christ to the Gentiles.
5. Some of the God fearers were Paul’s first converts to the teaching of Jesus. He states in one of his letters that he is attempting to be all things to all men. He brings the message of Jesus north to the Syrian city of Antioch. Paul changes the name of his master from the Hebrew Joshua to the Greek Jesus, and translates the Hebrew word messiah to the Greek word Christos.
6. God fearers were people that…

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