Simon Bolivar And The American Revolution Essay

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Prior to the 1820’s, the Latin American colonies had been merely just territories of Spain and Portugal. By the time of Latin America 's independence the potential for a successful future was already laid out through its economic patterns and leadership of Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin.The people of Latin America had influence from the enlightenment to create political changes. Latin America had the potential to develop a democracy and a strong economy because it was inspired by North America 's independence, the raw materials it had, and its sense of Nationalism. Following the American Revolution, the Latin American colonies also believed in the ideals of equality to all people, free trade, and free press (577). Being influenced by the American revolution gave the people of the Latin American colonies a strong foundation and inspiration. Simon Bolivar, who often referred to as the George Washington of Latin America, was a strong leader who led the his people in a fight for independence in the northern part of Latin America through the ideas of the enlightenment. Jose de San Martin mainly focused on the southern part of the Latin American colonies. The Latin American colonies were comparable to the American colonies because they were both ruled by the mother country 's monarchy and then fought for their independence. Based on the success of the North American revolution, Latin
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America would also have the potential to be successful in forming a…

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