Simmons Case Study Essay

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Simmons Case Study
Britt W. Gerdes
Grand Canyon University
Org. Devlp. and Chg.
LDR 615
Prof. Walsh
May 17, 2011

Simmons Case Study
In this case study, it explored some of the major hurdles of handling a significant executive change at Simmons, which was a well established and traditional company that mass-produced and disseminated mattresses. Charlie Eitel, the newly employed CEO of Simmons was hired to make some major changes with the organizations performance, which he planned on doing, by implementing an untraditional training program called Great Game of Life Program. This paper will cover whether or not Simmons should implement the Great Game of Life Program, what was the objective of the
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The Great Game of Life Program started a better value of communication to the employees by Eitel implementing some of Servant Leaderships characteristics, like caring and empowering. By bringing this kind of communication to the company, it made it easier for employees to understand the company’s goals and values. This made Simmons a better company to work for because the language barricades no longer segregate the employees from what the organization is about.
Objective of Great Game of Life
The objective of the Great Game of Life was to take s step towards breaking down the communication barriers between the employees and managers. The program was designed to foster individual growth, to help people “make better choices in order to live a better life through choosing growth over fear.” (Casciaro & Edmondson, 2007, p. 6). The purpose behind this was to drive the values of interdependence, direction, and working together into the employees. Tasks that were difficult before were now made easier with teamwork and some encouragement. By these simple changes, the employees were motivated and brought this motivation to their work as well. The Great Game of Life purpose was to enhance the team communication in order to simplify better customer gratification.
Influence of Charlotte’s Pride Video
After reviewing the video, I was even more influenced by

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