Similitude Dance Analysis

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Similitude Cult We live in a world where being part of a group is not acceptable, yet being an individual is perceived as weird. Who are we? We are a group of individuals who are exactly the same. Between February 25 and 26, 2016, the Connecticut College Dance Club hosted a performance entitled “Pivot,” in Myers dance studio which included thirteen pieces of original choreography by Connecticut College students. Kelley Fairman’s work, Atlas consisted of six dancers and was performed as the culminating work of the concert. The modern-inspired dance showcased each dancer’s strength while creating a narrative. Through the choreographed movement, distinctive costume choice, and the quality of music, Fairman’s Atlas commented on the struggle of …show more content…
Emilie Stoll’s Metallic Wavelengths was composed of simple costuming, white shirts and jeans, as well as several displays of playful, free movements. The second piece of the show, Sketch, was choreographed by Hanako Brais and explored of the contrast between slow and fast dancing. Do You Like My Style, choreographed by Brooke Ross, paired upbeat music, hip hop, and silhouette lighting to create an energetic atmosphere. The tap and modern collaboration piece by Emily Chin and Sarah Hyde entitled In Transit used the syncopated rhythm of the taps to highlight the flow of the modern dancing and established a clear beat in the music. Sisters’ Ground by Augie Sherman had a southern theme that allowed the dancers to smile and bounce through the space without worry about defined technique. Erika Martin both choreographed and performed a piece called Don’t Think Too Much that used the entirety of the space and music by releasing her arms and legs in different directions and continuing to move even as the lights faded. The performance included other pieces in addition to the seven mentioned that added to the show through different dance styles and music

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