Similiarity Essay

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Similarity is what I felt when I was viewing the film “Bordertown”. The reason why is because the film follows a Mexican American and his struggles in the United States. Like the main character I too am an American Citizen and feel that in this country I am viewed as a Mexican first, rather than an American. Also like Johnny Ramirez I am the first in my family to go to college and in the Latin community education is regarded as a priced commodity. The reason why education is highly valued is because most Mexicans in Mexico and in the United States do not make it to a College level education. As someone who is Mexican American there is even more pressure because most of our parents migrated to the United States so that we their children can …show more content…
As he was about to give up his practice he receives a car accident case against the two Caucasian characters Brook Manville and Dale Elwell. During the trial Johnny begins to get agitated because all his attempts are being objected due to his lack of preparation and inexperience in the courtroom. Then things take a turn for the worst when he punches Brook Manville after Dale Elwell offers Johnny to pay for his client’s truck costs. Johnny takes this offer as a charity and jumps to the conclusion that it was his race the reason why he lost the case. The only way to succeed in his eyes now was money because it was the source that was offered to his client to make things right. Thus money means you win and you can get whatever you want through money.
This concept leads him to the Silver Slipper Nightclub where he becomes the bouncer for the owner Charles Roark who has lots of money. Unforeseen by Johnny Marie Roark the wife of Charles Roark his boss ends up falling in love with him and kills her husband in the pursuit of Johnny. After her husband’s death Marie puts Johnny financially responsible for her estate and he decides to construct and open a bigger and better nightclub named “La Rueda”. During the opening day of “La Rueda Nightclub” he ends up bumping into Dale Elwell the defendant of his case and now feels

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