Similarities Between The United Kingdom And Japan Essay

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There are many similarities in Mexican schools to schools in the United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria and Japan. All of these countries have primary education that star somewhere around age six and goes through age twelve. All of these countries provide public education in this age group. There are some differences between the countries. Mexico, United Kingdom, United States and Nigeria from Japan have low literacy rate in those countries when compared to Japan. Japan has an extremely high literacy rate. One of the reasons why the Japan schools have such a high literacy rate is because Japan is a mono-cultural society. Nigeria has many different tribes that speak many different dialects. Settling on a national dialect is difficult. This fact has a negative effect on the literacy rate. In the United Kingdom and the United States there are so many different cultures and so many different languages and dialects spoken at home that are different from the proper English spoken in academics. Therefore students often speak one language at home and have to study another style at school. In Mexico getting an education is important but in certain areas of Mexico it is not valued. For instance, in rural areas students are much more likely to drop out of school than in the metropolitan cities.
All five of these countries have federal involvement in education. However in the United States the power of the federal government is limited. Whereas in the other four countries,…

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