Similarities Between The French And Saint-Dominque Revolution

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There were many similarities between the French and Saint-Dominque Revolutions, but also many differences. While neither country was looking to cause complete upheaval of their country, however they did. A small request turned in to a stance on equality and revolution. Both the Saint-Dominque and French Revolutions were about equality, however Saint-Dominque revolution was about racial equality. Whereas, French’s revolution was about political and social equality. The best way to understand the similarities of these Revolutions is by looking at them separately.
Pokins believes that the Saint-Dominque revolution was the most radical against European rule because it wanted complete abolition of slavery of the late 18th century. Saint-Dominque was a colony for Spain but then given to France in 1697. In
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The tiny island produced 40% of the Eupures sugar and 60% of its coffee in 1789 (Dubois/Garrigus,8). All of the production needed workers and relied on slaves to get the job done. In the 18th century, slaves made up 90% of the population (Dubois/Garrigus,12). The slave population consisted of 2/3rds African born and they out numbered the whites ten to one (Dubois/Garrigus,13). Code Noir were laws created by King Louis XIV that explained how the blacks were to be treated for instance: having clothes, treated well, educated in Catholicism, can appeal to courts if they were treated badly, Freed men of color should be treated the same as whites(CodeNoir). However, these laws were not always followed.
While in France there there was one overarching struggle between the privileged and the non-privileged. In Saint-Dominque, there were many different struggles occurring at once. For instances, the white planters saw the French government as enemy, the slaves were fighting against white planters, and the free men of color formed an armed rebellion against French government and the white

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