Similarities Between Science Fiction And Modern Horror Films

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What are distinguishing factors between science fiction and horror they seem so different, yet share so many similarities. Science fiction obeys the natural laws of the universe, but horror creates its own set of supernatural laws. The horror genre creates terror while the Sci-Fi genre creates a sense of wonder. But both genres are so much alike and are separated by their own periods of time. The film industry uses these periods of time to create different classics for each genre.
There is a big contrast between classic and modern horror films. These took place during two different time periods. The classic horror lasted between the years of 1930 and 1960 and was greatly influenced by Gothic literature and style; it also reflected many of the 1920s German Expressionist films. Classic horror was produced by many
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They both explore boundaries between humans and nonhuman and those who exist in a transitory state. While doing so, they differ in the way they interact with nonhumans. The horror genre faces normal vs. abnormal while Sci-Fi confronts normal vs. alien/machine. Examples of each would be Friday the 13th the campers vs. Jason, and Terminator Sarah vs. the Terminator. The pair confronts the search for knowledge to solve a problem or threat. Horror has a more direct approach of locating the problem/threat and finding a way to destroy it, but science fiction, obviously takes a more scientific approach almost using the scientific method to eliminate the problem. Science fiction and horror take a large role in the Self vs. Other. In both the Other can be a threat to the soul, mind, body, etc. The major difference is how the Other is formed in each genre. On the horror genre the Other is generally a result of our nightmares and imagination, basically a product of our fears. On the other hand the science fiction genre the Other is an output of science and

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