Compare And Contrast The Government Of Rome And Carthage

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Rome and Carthage were two great rivals of the west that were almost equal in strength and resources. Rome government was mostly a mixture of democracy and republic with most of it features resembling that of ancient Greeks. On the other hand, Carthage had some similarities in her governing body as Rome when she entered conflict with Rome. In this paper, I will try to discuss the government of Rome, Carthage and how they differed, then end with a conclusion stating my view on the two governments.

Government of Rome

According to, before the beginning of the first century B.C, the Roman state was designated as a republic with two consuls, or chief magistrates who were always appointed and continued even after the formation
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The governors were also in charged of the provincial army.

Government of Carthage

The government of Carthage which had some similarities with that of Rome had two suffetes also known as chief magistrates who were elected every year. These chief magistrates were responsible of executing policy decisions and were the chief administrators.
The next branch of the Carthaginian government were council which was made up of 30 members. They deliberated policies and channeled to the chief magistrates who then executed them. Members of the council were selected from the senate which was made up of 300 members. Therefore the council was a standing sub committee of the senate.
According to Mackay (1999), the Carthage government also had 104 judges who were mainly from the ruling families. They were thus in charged of judicial matters and were most of the time considered unreasonable for a trading community.
In addition, the Carthaginian government had the elected generals who were permanently responsible to carry out military

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