Similarities Between Neanderthal And Human Life

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A life of a Neanderthals vs human lifestyle This most popular hominin roamed the earth in the years of 127 to 130 Kya. They had caves they made into their home. There’s this misconception that Neanderthals were least advanced as a result of their appearance. In fact, Neanderthals had a very similar lifestyle to modern humans. Their lifestyle and physical features were beneficial to their survival and unmistakably similar to humans. The skull of any organism is a major piece to the puzzle. The skull can answer questions the hominin can’t answer today. To illustrate The Neanderthal lived in Africa, their skeletal remains were found in Western Europe. A known theory is the Neanderthals left Africa to start a new life in modern day …show more content…
They didn’t have toothpaste to clean the enamel off their teeth. in effect any food they ate became fossilized on the archaeologist by the name of discovered. what the Neanderthal ate by looking at their teeth. “The team looked at chemical traces on their teeth and found that they had been eating two plants with no nutritional value: chamomile and yarrow. The latter has historical medicinal uses such as restricting the flow of blood, inducing sweating and even easing toothache, while chamomile is known to calm an upset stomach”(Hogeboom ). Whether this was self-medication or not, they didn’t just consume vegetation they consumed meat as well. A similarity between both diets is the diversity. Both species consume diet of meat and vegetation in some way. Humans have much more options of diet like gluten free, vegetarian, vegan. Next we will move down to the throat where the hyoid bone is, we can learn if the Neanderthal spoke. Their hyoid bone was very similar to ours. A hyoid bone is necessary for speech as it supports the root of the tongue( )There is not enough evidence to support their usage of speech. Although It would be an advantage to hunt with communication. Humans have steadily advanced because of communication. Humans went from talking to mass communication in a matter of decades: Spanning from email, texting, and video …show more content…
After tending, to all their important duties of food scavenging and hunting. They found a way to fuel their creativity and relax. Their entertainment consisted of creating artwork and musical instruments. “Music has been a part of Neanderthals as it ours. we have some sound evidence for the kinds of instruments they played. They didn’t stop there, they continued to expand their artistic talent by creating the first instrument. This instrument had two holes carved into an animal bone. This invention resembled a modern day flute. In 2008, archeologists discovered fragments of flutes carved from vulture and mammoth bones at a Stone Age cave site in southern Germany called Hohle Fels. These instruments date back 42,000 to 43,000 years” (jones, ) a possible theory rises since the a flute was made from mammoth bones. Is it possible that Neanderthal used animal bones for other things? Neanderthals created various handmade paintings that graced the walls of caves. These paintings consisted of bulls and horses. They were very scenic pieces. The details were impeccable which shows they take their artwork seriously. This shows that the Neanderthals were observant and detail oriented. This trait is not synonymous with the stereotype placed on them. They may have had limited distractions due to minimal

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