Mac And Sephora Case Study

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Often times when people shop online, they do not analyze the website thoroughly. Some people get frustrated by the complexity of the website, while others get confused by similar products offered by different companies. Most companies have a variety of items that fall under the same category; therefore, they have to use subcategories in order to make their website more user-friendly. Large cosmetic companies, such as MAC and Sephora, carry different brands of products within their company. Sephora makes their own products, yet they also carry products made by Bare Minerals and many others. Therefore, companies try to make it easier for a customer to navigate their website. This makes it simpler for customers to find exactly what they wish to …show more content…
However, it lacks in the area of online shopping where MAC exceeds expectation. Similar to MAC, Sephora also uses subcategories to aid consumers in navigating the website but does not do as great of a job as MAC. The subcategories are poorly constructed to help people find specific products. One of the reasons for this is that Sephora sells products from many brands, therefore there are more subcategories. This tedious process frustrates consumers because they have a harder time finding the product they want. This leads to a more clustered website of many subcategories and people not knowing which ones to include in their search for the best makeup. Additionally, Sephora’s layout is very basic when compared to MAC’s website. Sephora uses a very bland color scheme which does not attract consumers the way MAC’s vibrant colors do. Also, Sephora does not use celebrities in order to make their products more appealing. From the perspective of online shopping techniques, Sephora clearly does not meet the standards of …show more content…
MAC relies on a more user-friendly website with easy to use features, along with vibrant colors and familiar faces to help sell their products. Whereas, Sephora uses its wide range of products and brands to attract its customers. Although Sephora has done a good job presenting and promoting their products, they need to add more color, and better organize the site. What attracts makeup artists to buy a certain product is the amount of “hype” there is about it. For example, Sephora sells Urban Decay products. For many months, people wait to buy the new eye shadow palette’s they come out with. There are contests online to be the first to get it before they even come out. So when makeup artists come across this, they look at reviews and such to see if it’s worth buying. Followed up by the website, they see how well it’s executed and if it’s worth buying the item, they pre-order it. Personally speaking, the MAC website is better than the Sephora website, even if I do like the brands that Sephora sells. Both websites have their place in the makeup industry. MAC is more famous for its variety of lipstick and eye shadows while Sephora sells more brands of makeup. These products made their respective companies who they are and served as the foundation for their success. Overall, although their websites differ in appearance, both companies sell amazing

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