Similarities Between Julius Caesar And Tacitus

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Tiberius and Tacitus’ Views on an Emperor Tiberius, the heir to the empire of August, was among the first Emperors of Rome was the focus of the first several book in the Annals. As a staunch supporter of the old Republican government it is logical to assume that Tacitus was not fond of the ushers of the imperial era would be an understatement, however it Tiberius was particularly distasteful to his pallet. To Tacitus the rule of Tiberius was the rule of a tyrant and poor example of a Roman.
Tacitus saw Tiberius as someone who obtained his power through chance and other undeserving means, someone who allowed themselves to be twisted and controlled by Sejanus, and someone who became the ultimate hypocrite and debaucher. When Augustus died he
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Tacitus suggests, perhaps very accurately, that much of the reason Tiberius was made emperor was due to assistance from his mother, Livia. He goes so far to say that Livia was responsible for the exile of Agrippa “for she had gained such a hold on the aged Augustus that he drove out as an exile into the island of Planasia, his only grandson, Agrippa Postumus.” Once declared emperor Tiberius immediately capitalized on his mother’s actions and had, in the eyes of Tacitus, ordered Agrippa killed. Agrippa having been Augustus Grandson the late emperor “never was hard-hearted enough …show more content…
Tacitus makes this plainly obvious when he notes “Soon afterwards he won the heart of Tiberius so effectually by various artifices that the emperor, ever dark and mysterious towards others, was with Sejanus alone careless and freespoken” something Tiberius would soon regret. Sejanus truly made a play for power when they convinced Tiberius to leave Rome. Tacitus wants to show that a man with absolute power can give another devious man equally powerful when the first man let’s their will falter to the beguiling ways of the second as Sejanus did here “Sejanus plots to convince Tiberius to leave Rome and live away from the city giving him total control of access to Tiberius. See thought Tiberius in his waning health would cede the emperorship to him” and here Sejanus wielded untold power while he controlled and cajoled Tiberius. The ultimate power broker until he was discovered. As Tacitus say, Sejanus was uncovered but not until after he was able to wreak havoc “Sejanus accordingly thought that he must be prompt, and chose a poison the gradual working of which might be mistaken for a natural disorder. It was given to Drusus by Lygdus, a eunuch, as was ascertained eight years later” and “Pretending an ardent passion for her, he seduced her, and having won his first infamous triumph, and assured that a woman after having parted with her virtue will hesitate at nothing, he lured her on

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