Similarities Between Jeffersonians And Federalists

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Register to read the introduction… Unlike the Jeffersonians, the Federalists saw that if the "loose laws" aren't enforced enough than there is no reason to keep them if the people continue to disobey them, they didn't want to strictly enforce them in fear the people wouldn't follow them properly. (Doc. B) The Federalists did not agree with the idea of trade by sea. Jefferson tried to convince citizens to continue trade embargo against the British and French. The Federalists did not agree with his proposal, but they still wanted Madison in office. (Doc. F) John Adams was a federalist and agreed with everything that Madison stood for, he too (like the Jeffersonians) believed that Madison could make a positive change, which is one view the Early Jeffersonians and Federalist shared in common. (Doc. …show more content…
The Jeffersonians realized they needed to start seeking a change; in the end they would be the ones facing the consequences for the things they did wrong so they had to consider adjusting their views. (Doc. H) Thomas Jefferson soon began with Alexander Hamilton's new structure and the new ways he was enforcing. (Doc. D) The Jeffersonians realized the people would reject the "loose laws" so is not necessary to enforce them as strictly as thought before, rather to just have states interpret them in their own way to make it more likely the citizens would abide by them. (Doc. C) John Calhoun was later a person of knowledge to the Jeffersonians because they acknowledged his beliefs and redirected them as their own. (Doc. I) The late Jeffersonians still believed in the need of a military, like stated previously, when Jefferson was under attack he had to increase military power and military was still enforced in later days for the sake of the country, to keep growing America safe. (Doc. E)

Although Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton did fight bitterly over issues of constitutional interpretation in the 1790s; the policies if the Jeffersonian Republican Presidents Jefferson and Madison in 1801-1807 reflected the beliefs of the Federalist Hamilton. The Jeffersonians' viewpoints may have been revised and advanced over the years but some remained the same. Also, as different as the Jeffersonians and Federalists beliefs were there were still some aspects of the constitution they agreed

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