Essay about Similarities Between Jack And Roger 's Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies characters named Jack and Roger have many similarities and differences. Jack is a tall, bony boy with red hair and his face was freckled with blue eyes. At first he is friendly until he meets Piggy and calls him Fatty. There is an example in the book when Jack first meets Piggy “You’re talking too much, . . . shut up, Fatty” (Golding 23). At the end of the book Jack is ashamed of what has happened and doesn’t take leadership of the boys. Roger is described as a boy who kept to himself with avoidance and secrecy. Roger has always been mean to the littluns by throwing rocks at them, with him doing this it shows that he likes to hurt people. Towards the end of the book Roger becomes barbaric, cruel, and wild towards the boys. He is not ashamed of what has happened in the book, in fact he is happy that it all happened.
Both Jack and Roger want to be in control and have leadership. Jack is the leader of the choir/hunters but he wants more control. He wants to take the possession of all the bigguns and the littluns from Ralph and becomes mean towards Ralph. Jack runs away from the beach and goes to the cliff, later on Roger and the hunters follow him. Jack is now the leader of his tribe but Roger wants control as well. Roger is Jack’s right hand man and he tries to please him but instead he starts wanting to be more than that. He doesn’t listen to Jack’s orders and just does whatever he feels like doing. He starts hunting on his own instead of with the tribe,…

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