Similarities Between Islam And Christianity Essay

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Religion has brought together as many people as its divided due to various belief systems and practices. Two of the main western religions, Islam and Christianity, are generally described as very different despite the abundance of similarities between the two. To demonstrate the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity, passages about Moses’ journey and Martin Luther’s teachings, will be analyzed. Moses’ journey is described in the primary text, Readings of the Quran by Kenneth Cragg on page 144, and Martin Luther’s views on faith and righteousness is described in the primary text, Martin Luther by John Dillenberger. These texts are key in comparing what was said in the Qur’an, the Islamic holy book, to what Martin Luther unravels in the lines of the bible, the Christian holy book. In the text by Cragg, God commands Moses to make the people of Egypt, including the pharaohs, believers, and to repent. Moses urges the people of Egypt to believe in only one God, and to believe in the teachings and signs that God has sent him, but the pharaohs, and their followers, ultimately denounce Moses’ warnings and attempt to push him and his followers out of Egypt. God, a being who is described in the Quran as one who saves the oppressed, drowns the pharaohs and their followers, and gifts the followers of Moses, the Israelites, with land to call their own. In the text by Dillenberger, Martin Luther is a monk who becomes discontent, and angered, by the idea of a God who…

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