Similarities Between Hyde And The Invisible Man

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Rochel Gertsberg
Term paper Both The Invisible Man, by H.G. wells, and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson, describe men who are attempting to escape responsibility and consequence. However, both of these novels portray how man cannot change nature painlessly; such a change comes along with suffering. The theme of man’s actions being irreversible is also portrayed. After changing themselves, they are unable to undo what they have done. Ironically, that which is created for an escape of consequences is the reason for the death, the ultimate consequence, of the men. In addition, both books portray that if one wants to keep a secret, he must not tell anyone; if he does, it will not remain hidden. The Invisible Man is a novel about an albino doctor named Griffin who discovers a way to make himself invisible. He funds his research by robbing his
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Jekyll also reveals his secret. When he becomes Hyde and needs access to the drug, he asks Lanyon for help. Lanyon obtains the drugs and gives them to Mr. Hyde. Hyde takes them and drinks them, once more becoming, Dr. Jekyll. Lanyon describes, “He put the glass to his lips… there stood Henry Jekyll” (40-41).He reveals himself to Lanyon and entrusts him with his secret, in the hopes that he will keep it private. After he witnesses this, he falls ill and never has the chance to tell anyone Jekyll’s secret. However, before his death he reveals it all in a letter; he does not want Jekyll’s second identity to remain secret. Lanyon writes, “The creature who crept in… Jekyll’s own confession… Hyde… the murder” (41). He reveals Jekyll’s secret and mentions that he is the murderer. Both Jekyll and Griffin confide in others and expect them to keep their secrets private. Both of the confided men betray those who trusted them. The revelation of Griffin leads to his death, unlike Jekyll’s. by the time the letter is found, Jekyll has already died; he is unable to be

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