Similarities Between Humans And Primates Essay

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Before this class, I refused to believe we evolved from primates due to the fact that I didn 't have the all the information that I have today. I’ve always wanted a pet monkey because I always thought their behaviour related to us in a way or another.
Now, I know that primates were studied as a research tool to understand our own behaviour. So, why did we study nonhuman primates? We studied them to determine our own origins.

We have many similarities between us and nonhuman primates. Such as, tool use, long-lasting social relationships, and complex communication systems. But one thing struck me as odd. How are humans bipedal and most primates are quadrupedal except some primates who show bipedalism occasionally. By studying those species of nonhuman primates that are occasionally bipedal, and discovering the circumstances they display bipedalism, we may gain some understanding of the factors that promoted the evolution of bipedality in humans. We also share a similarity with the rhesus monkey in how our brains function and organized. Researchers have done extensive research on a specific area in the brain and it’s the visual area. The neuroanatomical research conducted on primates helped us understand how the brain works and how we see.
Research conducted on nonhuman primates have lead to Nobel-Price such as vaccine for yellow fever, polio vaccine. (R.W. Leader & D. Stark, 1987, The importance of animals in biomedical research. Perspectives in Biology…

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