Similarities Between Frankenstein And The Sorrows Of Young Werther

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Register to read the introduction… Both the characters yearned for happiness in their lives. He thought he had found happiness in Lotte, little did he know that his happiness was going to lead to his despair. Werther says "Must it so be that whatever makes man happy must later become the source of his misery?" He felt happy with Lotte but in real sense he could not have her and so he was to remain unhappy. Comparably, the creature thought he had found happiness when the De Lacy family allowed him in, little did he know that it was the beginning of his sorrow. The De Lacy family later on sent him away because of his hideous appearance. Therefore, it is very clear that both their sorrows were similar because, the moment they thought that they ha found happiness, that’s when their sorrows began. None of them found …show more content…
The sources of Werther’s sorrows were not similar to the sources of the creature’s suffering in Frankenstein. This is because, Werther was at least allowed to communicate, and stay with the other people around him. Unlike the Creature in Frankenstein, he was hideous in appearance, and could not even relate with the people around him, he felt attracted to them but they ran away from him. Therefore, the creature suffered a lot compared to Werther because, he could not even get an opportunity to communicate and relate with the people he felt attracted to because they shunned away from him. In addition, Werther spent sometime with a companion he had longed for but for the creature, the people ran away from him and so; he never spent time and talked to the people he loved, therefore, his sorrows were great compared to Werther. For Werther, he could talk to Lotte and spend time with her before she got married but for Victor’s creature, he was all alone all this time. Also, Werthers rejection and sorrows led him into killing himself comparably; the creature’s sorrows made him become violent and kill other human beings for rejecting him. In addition, the sorrows of the creature posed a threat to the human race comparably; Werther’s sorrows never posed a threat to the human race but only to his life whereby he ended it. Werther had an advantage over the creature because he could have made his love life work. In contrast, the creature could not even find the companion he longed for because, he was hideous in appearance and the people ran away from

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