The Similarities And Differences Between Eukaryotes And Prokaryotes

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Discuss the similarities and differences in DNA replication between eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Are the changes in eukaryotes adaptations? Explain.
Before we start our discussion, let us refresh our memories; cells are the absolute smallest building blocks of life, each manifesting a sophisticated design. Broadly speaking, the cells are divided in eukaryotes that contain membrane-bound organelles; and prokaryotes that do not (Diffen, 2007)—in short, prokaryotes are both simpler and smaller. The DNA is the molecule that possesses all the “blueprints” an organism requires at every stage of its life. Thus, replicating the DNA ensures that the design will be passed down to every newly formed cell, be it prokaryotic or eukaryotic. Although
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Unwinding the DNA is accomplished by an enzyme named DNA helicase. Manufacturing new DNA strands is orchestrated by enzymes called polymerases. Both types of organisms also follow a pattern called semi-conservative replication. In this pattern, the individual strands of DNA are manufactured in different directions, producing a leading and a lagging strand. Lagging strands are created by the production of small DNA fragments called Okazaki fragments that are eventually joined together. Both types of organisms also begin new DNA strands with a small primer of RNA. (Taylor, 2017)
Differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic DNA replication are largely related to contrasts in size and complexity of the DNA and cells of these organisms. The average eukaryotic cell has 25 times more DNA than a prokaryotic cell (Diffen, 2007).
Location: Since Prokaryotes do not have membrane-bound organelles, it preserves its DNA in the cytoplasm where the replication takes place as well. Their rich cousins, however, the swanky eukaryotes, are far more elegant and ostentatious. Within theirs membrane, they have a variety of organelles, including a genetic “godown,” the nucleus, where the DNA is stored and sequestered (BiologyWise,
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