Similarities Between Dogs And Cats Essay

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What animal do you prefer? Would you rather have a dog or a cat? Dogs have always been considered a man’s best friend that 's why many people choose dogs over cats in a given situation. “Dogs have the well-earned reputation of being a human 's best friend. But what about cats? When given the chance, felines can make equally wonderful buddies” (Newman, 2007). Many people have views and reason on why they prefer a dog over a cat or a cat over a dog. However, some of these reasons may be different depending on the type of person, and their everyday lives. Overall there are more differences than there are similarities between dogs and cats. Personal preference is a key factor in deciding which animal you think would be better for you and your family. Some of the many factors on deciding if you want a dog or cat is companionship with humans, expenses, features and diet.
Similarly, dogs and cats are both great with companionship. The feline and canine have different ways of portraying companionship. Many pet owners consider companionship as one of the more important factors on picking between a dog and cat. Companionship can be portrayed in pets as their availability to get along with other animals and/or other humans, and what they do for the owner as a whole. For example, dogs are usually found more affectionate than cats are. Cats are usually found to be more independent than that of dog. Usually dogs like to be involved and around humans whereas cats are not very social and…

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