Similarities Between Daisy Miller And The Yellow Wallpaper

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Ashley Arceri
Professor Mahir
ENGL 2205
4 of May 2015
Final Term Paper Prompt Eleven In Gilman’s “The Yellow Wall-paper” woman were expected to be devoted to the needs of their families and nothing else. The woman in this story did not abide by these roles and tried to free herself from the male power. The complicity of the man in this story is because he is fully aware of her sickness and fails to address her needs because he plays a patriarchal role in authority. In “Daisy Miller”, Daisy is portrayed as spontaneous, uncultivated, free spirit and acts like she doesn’t care what anyone has to say. Winterbourne however too fails to help Daisy and gives up on her when he is aware she is lacking in self-respect.
The time period when Gilman’s
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Daisy is a strong individual who fails so meet and accept society’s rules and expectations of women. She is a young, innocent, big flirt, yet remains true to herself. “Never allows a gentlemen to dictate me, or interfere with anything I do.” (James) No matter how male dominate society was Daisy clung to her independence no matter how much society hated it. American “innocence” verses Europeans very sophisticated and proper society plays a big role in this story. Americans are seen as spontaneous while Europeans are seen with manners and respect. Daisy is innocent in this story because she is not self- aware of the way she acts. The story of “Daisy Miller” is told by Mr. Frederick Winterbourne’s point of view. Winterbourne is a socially accepted young American who went to school in Europe and has “lived too long in foreign parts.” (James) Since he has lived in Europe most of his life he has become custom to the European society and their ways of thinking and acting. Winterbourne meets Daisy at a hotel and falls for her. He desires for Daisy to conform and accept society and to satisfy his needs for mental and emotional comfort. He does not want her to flirt with anyone but …show more content…
This is because Daisy was so independent and strong willed. She made every decision in her life and chose to go to Rome where she knew she could catch the Roman Fever. She also chose to refuse the customs of the European society ways. She did not care what people thought of her and had her sanity. Where as the narrator in “The Yellow Wall-paper” did not have any control of her destiny. She was unable to even control her own thoughts with out her mind being interrupted by the way John wanted her to think and act. She also suffered from the mental illness of depression which I personally believe is a very tough illness to over come especially when you do not have a support system from your loved ones. She had absolutely no control of her life because she was not even able to express her own thoughts and became a prisoner of not only society but of her self. Not being able to think for her own self caused her to go insane and lose control of her self and her

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