Similarities Between Confucius And Ancient China Essay

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After Ancient Rome laid its foundation, Ancient China began becoming more relevant. This time period brought about Chinese dynasties, China’s rise to empire, and theoretical customs. Alongside these new advancements, came new thinkers. One of the most common thinkers from this time period was Kongfuzi, or as most call him Confucius. Confucius was a highly respected teacher and social reformer whom created Confucianism. His never wrote down his teachings, but his lessons were what brought him his claim to fame. Confucius’ teachings not only affected Ancient China; his teachings have lived on forever and today one can absorb several lessons from these teachings. Confucius was a very ethical standing man, and because of this people had a lot of respect for him and listened to what he had to say. He believed that everyday moral lifestyles were the foundation for spiritual life, communal command and administrative steadiness (Fiero, pg. 167). Once Confucius made this aware to his followers, they began changing their standard of living. It is noted that this way of sophistication still holds true in the Western Civilization today. If individuals are respectable amongst each other, then they will progress spiritually, politically and socially. This is the one teaching that he wanted everyone to grasp no matter who they were. It is highly encouraged that entities today take a look at Confucius’s Analects. This is because he teaches multiple valuable lessons, all composed…

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