Essay Similarities Between Christianity And Islam

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Christianity and Islam

There are many religions in the world, two of which I will highlight within this paper. The two are Islam and Christianity. Many people argue that they are both extremely different while others postulate their similarities. Looking at the sacred texts, there are noticeable similarities however, the differences between Islam and Christianity are pronounced, and merit rigorous scrutiny. Those who are curious about these two religions should understand the commonalities and unlikeness of the two. This essay will compare and contrast the major tenants within this premise.
According to the Pew Research Center, the religious system of Islam and its followers called Muslims comprise 1.6 billion people. The God of Islam or their creator of the world is Allah. The most holy book within Islam is the Qur 'an, of which Muslims believe that Allah entrusted the revelation of the scriptures to Muhammad. The teachings enlighten adherents that Jesus or Yeshua was an insignificant man who was a prophet such as Abraham and Moses. Obtaining salvation or gaining entrance to heaven brought on by performing works is central to the belief system. Islamic works constitute a pilgrimage to Mecca, praying at designated times and performing good deeds. Christianity comprises 2.18 billion followers according to the Pew Research Center. Christianity 's God is Yahweh also referred to as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The most holy book of Christianity is The Holy Bible.…

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