Compare And Contrast Egypt And Chinese Civilizations

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The Chinese and Egyptian civilizations were one of the oldest civilizations both occurring before the birth of Christ. Both civilizations were similar in some ways yet different in others. Although the early Chinese and Egyptian civilizations had similar advancements in terms of culture, economics and government, they were different in that they created their civilizations with opposing approaches to language, religion, and rulers of their nations.
First, China and Egypt were different with respect to their belief systems. China’s culture was based on Chinese philosophy. These philosophies affected the Chinese people’s behavior. Confucius wanted to preserve the teachings of the ancient philosophers. He wanted to emphasize
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China was ruled by emperors and kings, but seen as “gods”. The Chinese believed that kings could rule as long as they had the support of the gods. The rulers of China fought each other and weakened each other’s power.
The Warring States fought for control of China. Continued power struggles between the rulers lead to the rise of new dynasties. Each dynasty used human resources to develop strong governments. Egypt was ruled by queens and pharaohs. Pharaohs had total control over everything. This enabled them to grow their government and wealth. By gaining control over land through their armies, they were able to tax rulers from defeated areas. Queen Hatshepsut was the first woman pharaoh. She expanded trade and their military along with construction. The Chinese and Egyptians established their power by rulers who developed their governments through strong militaries and wealth. Both were similar in that their countries had rulers that were considered gods, but they were different in that China’s rulers were emperors and Egypt’s rulers were pharaohs. China and Egypt grew their governments by gaining power and control over their people, land and establishing wealth. Both civilizations were based on the ruling powers of the gods and polytheism, but their civilizations had different religious beliefs and

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