Similarities Between Britain And New Zealand Essay examples

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It is also important to acknowledge the ‘pull’ factors resulting in high levels of migration to Algeria and New Zealand must be attributed to the successes of the expats in the periphery. By the mid-nineteenth century, many successes stories in New Zealand were being reported to the metropole. A good example of this is a letter by Christopher Holloway published in Labourers’ Union Chronicle. Like many letters written home at this time, Holloway only mentions success not the hardship some suffered before achieving success. Holloway does paint a picture of a higher standard of living, for example, he tells the reader ‘they do live here, no red-herring diet, but beef or mutton three times a day’ (Primary Source 13.8, 2015, p.2). As many in rural Britain were experiencing hardship at this time, the description of a healthy diet must have enchanted many working class people in the metropole. Furthermore, some descriptions of New Zealand, such as Anthony Trollope’s, often mentioned the similarities between the landscapes of Britain and New Zealand (Mackie, 2008, p.213). So, the rural poor in the metropole must have been encouraged by the fact that that life improvement was possible in a place which looked similar to Britain. It could also be argued the ‘pull’ factors in the Algerian case were a result of the success in the periphery. As Robin Mackie points out: land ownership in Algeria ‘by Europeans more than doubled between 1871 and 1901’ (Mackie, 2008, p.219). As some land was…

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