Similarities Between Baroque And Baroque Music

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Baroque Music to Baroque Rock:
The Similarities between Generations of Music Throughout our history, music has proven to replicate itself again and again with similar sounds. However, originators and pioneers, that performed with intense emotions and dramatic extravagant melodies, came from the Baroque era. Therefore, this era inspired Rock & Roll and Pop music in modern society today. In my opinion, because the Baroque period delivered a free style of music, through imagination and emotions, consequently set trends and influenced other music genres in modern times. The word baroque is defined as bizarre and derive from barroco in Portuguese which means irregular shape (Whitehouse p 62 par 1). The Baroque period was known for the stylistically
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Moreover, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi and Johann Sebastian Bach were amongst the top composers during the Baroque era. Vivaldi was known to be a priest in the Catholic Church and dedicated his career as a teacher, composer, conductor and superintendent of musical instruments at the Pio Ospedale della Pietà (p.76 par 1). Also nicknamed il Prete Rosso ("The Red Priest"), where he served at the Venetian and was a famous virtuoso violinis (Oron). Moreover, he created music masterpieces like “Spring”, “The Four Seasons”, and “Winter Concerto in F Minor”, all were songs that proved to be inspirational to other composers throughout history, including J.S. Bach. One of those Vivaldi most influenced composers was Johann Sebastian Bach (Whitehouse p 78 par 2). Bach lived his entire life in Germany, grew up and worked for towns and churches. “His work for solo instruments, especially his keyboard pieces for harpsichord and organ, brought forms such as the toccata” (p 79 par 2). Additionally, his masterpieces like “Cello suite 1”, Air on the G String”, "Aria" and “Piano Concerto” are just some of Bach’s work that influenced recording artists in modern music through classical Rock & …show more content…
Richie Blackmore was the lead guitarist and the band’s leader. Blackmore, was heavily influenced by J.S. Bach’s music, and had his keyboardist promote the Baroque style by playing the organ. “In 1970 Deep Purple recorded the breakthrough record, Concerto for Group and Orchestra with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” (Richardson). They were considered to be one of the first bands to combine Baroque music with hard rock. Here’s a link on how Blackmore combined J.S. Bach’s masterpiece, “Prelude 1 tempered clavier” into a Baroque Rock song called “Weiss heim”. ( Even though, their were plenty of rock bands inspired by music from the Baroque period, the Ozzy Osbourne band stood out from the rest. In 1980, Ozzy hired band member Randy Rhoads, who was highly influenced by Baroque music (Richardson). Ozzy also had an special interest in the Baroque and classical music. Rhoads studied guitar and piano since an earlier age and was influenced by composers like Vivaldi and Pachelbel (Richardson). The band decided to combine Baroque music with hard rock during the early 1980’s like their predecessors. One of Ozzy’s best known songs, was a song that demonstrated styles from Baroque period during the 17th century (Richardson). Here’s the link, the song is called, “Mr. Crowley”,

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