Similarities Between Ancient Athens And Sparta Essay

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The ancient world has always been clouded in mist, but one region broke through: Greece. Two great civilizations specifically shone through, and are taken as examples of what “good” society is by peoples, nations, and civilizations. They were looked back upon by every major era as pillars of civility, honour, and intellectuality, and through this helped form the foundation of Western European thought. These two empires were Ancient Athens and Sparta. The two show the dichotomy that existed within Hellas, through contrasting political systems, the treatment of their respective empires, and upon what their economy was based and with what it flourished.

Both city-states have left a political footprint that has resounded throughout time. Athens is known in the modern world as the ancient bastion for the political system many Western nations enjoy today. Democracy, or the rule of the many. It was not an easy path for the city of Athens to achieve democracy. Athens, like most Greek city-states at the time, was under an oligarchy, but experienced an political upheaval in favour of democracy in 460 BC1. Ephiatles became a leader of the people and assigned guardianship of the constitution written by Aristotle to an elected council2. Athens’ political system was the first to introduce the principle of pay for political office, allowing “all citizens, even the poorest, to perform time consuming public tasks which they would otherwise not have had the leisure to fulfil”3. It also…

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