Similarities Between Ancient And Modern Society Essay

1810 Words Oct 13th, 2016 8 Pages
Throughout our history, homo sapiens grown and developed into the dominate species of today. From hominids such as Australopithecus afarensis, our species has migrated and cultivated the Earth. Though modern society superficially resembles nothing of our ancestors, archeologists, anthropologists, and sumerologists such as Samuel Kramer have noted striking similarities between the past and present. Kramer, specifically, has stated in regards to the ancient Sumerian society and modern society, that the two groups are “fundamentally analogous, comparable, and reciprocally illuminating.” There is noteworthy evidence to his contention that ancient Sumerians and modern man were strikingly similar philosophically, socially, and institutionally. On a philosophical level, man has always searched for answers and questioned everything; Sumerians were no exception. From view on divine law, paradise, ethics, and wisdom, parallels can be made between the two societies. Though superficial differences such as religion affect these societies as a whole, similarities are, indeed, comparable. Religion, itself, has served as a support system for nearly every civilization. To American society, Christianity has impacted the founding fathers in a way which shaped their understanding and beliefs of the world. To Sumer; a polytheistic relationship between gods and mankind. Nonetheless, divine law in itself has proven to be a great similarity. To the Christian faith, the Bible…

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