Similarities Between American Football And League Of Legends Competitions

941 Words Dec 7th, 2016 4 Pages
As previously mentioned there are plenty of similarities between American football and League of Legends competitions, but there are also many differences. The main difference that is apparent to everyone is how physically demanding football is. With its multiple rules that try to protect players while tackling and going up for aggressive catches it makes this point widely known after seeing how these injuries affect all players, especially as they age. Players also have much longer careers in football with proper conditioning and try to avoid injury. Ordinarily, most stars tend to have a six year or longer career, but however the less popular players will experience a shorter career due to limited play time. Since the NFL is an older and more popular organization and football has many more advertisements and generate revenue from these deals. The 2016 super bowl was viewed by more than 114.4 million viewers which was the third largest TV audience in TV history. Accordingly, with such high viewership numbers advertising spots sell very highly. NFL players also can go back to their homes every day except for when they have road games. However, there are differences in viewership and everyday lifestyle involved with League of Legends which will be discussed next. League of Legends is one of the biggest and most popular Esports out right now. It usually maintains around 100,000 viewers on the gaming website, Twitch and pulls hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide to each…

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