Similarities Between 1984 And Animal Farm By George Orwell

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George Orwell is one of the most perused writers from the 20th century who led a captivating life and had complex political views. George Orwell’s life was reflected in his books Down and Out in London and Paris and An Homage to Catalonia. 1984 and Animal Farm are also both works of literary art that Orwell wrote which reflect his political views. Animal Farm is an allegory of the Soviet Union and its ironies, and 1984 is a dystopian novel that shows a not so distant future from our own. George Orwell’s fascinating political views are engrossing and fun to explore as they are reflected in his works. George Orwell was born on June 25th, 1903, in Motihari, India. He was the son of a British Civil servant and lived in India until he went to boarding school in 1911 (“George Orwell”). He was …show more content…
1984 is a dystopian novel focused around a totalitarian and authoritarian government that is in control of important aspects of the denizens of 1984. George Orwell wrote this novel to warn people what the world may turn out to be like if the current trajectory continues. This novel 's terminology has frequently been used to convey authoritarian and totalitarian governments and policies. For example, the phrase “2+2=5” is about how the government uses false propaganda on people, forcing them to accept words they know are erroneous. The second term that is widely used in pop culture is “doublethink,” which is the idea that two contradicting ideas can exist in harmony and both be true at the same time. The final and most well known term from 1984 is “Big Brother,” who is an all-knowing authority figure who watches over everyone. This term is used in pop culture as an entity who is constantly watching. For example, many people describe the NSA as “Big Brother” because they are constantly observing US citizens without permission, or it is used as a derisive term for a totalitarian

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