Similarities And Similarities Between The Salem Witch Trials And The Mccarthy Trials

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History 1301 Enrichment Paper 3 History tends to repeat itself. Various amounts of people tend to believe that the 1950 's McCarthy trial is a resemblance of the 1692-Salem Witch Trials, for the cases were rendered as false and filled with a lot of accusations and invalid truths to no-proof at all. Primarily the reason for theses cases,was to blame others for their own gain and respect. Both cases within the McCarthy and the girls in Salem, blamed others for their own personal gain, respect, and honor. Both trials were built off of covered up lies to gain attention and an higher ranking within the community. The Salem-Witch trials of 1692, random people were accused of being witches and were being used as an escape-route for societal problems. and then a similar event in 1950 happened, for in the trial of 1950 people were being blamed as communist to hide society 's problems with this case. The more current trial of 1950 's McCarthy trial starts off the setting in Wheeling, West Virginia, a man named Joseph McCarthy blamed about 205 people of being communists in the early 1950 's. He was a senator believed that by indicting …show more content…
Again, the Salem witch trials and the McCarthy hearings were different times in history, but with the same accusatory methods and historical moments. These cases both involved numerous amounts of innocent victims who were blamed for being something that they were not, and was also very horrendous and heinous to be involved in both these cases for the day and age in which they were living. Their primary goal was to gain reputation from others who did not really give them such respect, and wanting such respect and attention at the cost of other people lives. Both, cases were; filled with deceit, misleading, and ultimately unfair and unreasonable to the people who were effected by it. But in all I hope that such history does not repeat itself according to these two similar

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