Similarities And Differences Of The Inca And The Mesoamerican Tribes

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Introduction Have you ever heard of any of the tribes that lived in Mesoamerica Mexico? Well I am going to give you compare and contrasts about two of their tribes, the Inca and the Aztec. The two tribes had both lived in Mexico. The two tribes had both lived in the Mesoamerican region. The two tribes where very religious and both had gods. This essay is going to be about comparing and contrasting the two Mesoamerican tribes the Inca and the Aztec. Also it is about the interesting facts and cool thing that each tribe has. Another very important thing about this essay is that you could learn a lot about the Mesoamerican culture and how their tribes work.

This paragraph is about how they both make some similarities in doing this. But they do have some differences on who or what they do as that topic. They both had done sacrifices. The Inca had done sacrifices to the people and took well care of them before so and so did the Aztec. But they had some differences on how doing this like the aztec sacrificed the brightest on eclipses. While the Inca had done it and mummified the
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They both have different capital cities. Of course they did not live in the same area so they did not have the same capital. The capital of Inca was Cuzco. The capital of the Aztec was Tenochtitlan. Of course they did not have same same capital, it was very different from the other tribes capital. They had sacrificed way differently. The Inca had sacrificed the children because they were the most pure and a honor for the gods. The Aztec had sacrificed 20,000 people at a time at one ceremony, and after they had been conquered they had killed everybody. They had some difference in food. The two tribes had some food that was the same but not everything. For example some food the Inca had were beans. The aztec had sweet potatoes and tomatoes. This paragraph was about some more differences about the two

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