Similarities And Differences Of The Deaf Community

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A community is a group of people who live or work together in the same area. Also having a particular characteristic in common, such as a social, religious,or other group sharing common interests as well. People in communities might have the same schools in common, speak the same language and do other common things together. Community is used to categorize people with the same characteristics, but who also have many differences from each other. Different types of communities are Muslim community, catholic community or any other religions. They can have the same communities such as the black community, white community, west Indian community, and more ethnic backgrounds.
The community I’m going to talk about in this paper is the Deaf community.
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There are many similarities and differences between both Deaf and hearing cultures that affects how they communicate with each other. Deaf and hearing cultures are similar because they have things in common such as churches, schools, work ethic and families. Deaf people attend schools for the Deaf, and Deaf churches. Just as hearing people attend schools and churches also. We both attend schools and churches for the same reasons. To get an education at school and at church to worship a god. Both Deaf and hearing cultures use the same english language but communicate differently. While attending ASL clubs and events that learning ASL is the same as learning any other language. After learning the language you get use to it and is able to communicate to others that …show more content…
One of the obvious differences is Deaf and hearing cultures is the way language is used. Deaf culture use, of course ASL as their language. A visual gestural language with its own grammar structure. American sign language is not an auditory, written language or universal language. And doesn 't go by the english structure hearing people go by. Eye contact is a must for Deaf people because most Deaf people can’t use their ears to hear things and need vision to read facial expressions and body language for additional information. Another difference is the way they speak to each other. For example, Deaf cultures communicate using ASL, facial expressions and body language. Hearing cultures communicate with facial expressions also but not mandatory as Deaf people use it. Hearing cultures communicate each other by talking and listening. Deaf cultures using ASL, facial expressions and body language makes their conversations more animates, visual and enjoyable. Once I see a deaf person I think that they can’t hear sounds. But sound is everywhere within the lives of Deaf people. Deaf people hear sounds by feeling the vibrations or by their hearing aids. Sounds aren 't missing from the life of a Deaf person, they are just different forms than a hearing person. Deaf people focus on feeling the sound while hearing people focus on hearing the

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