Similarities And Differences Of The American Revolution And American Civil War

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Michael Works
The American Revolution
America has gone through many different types of revolutions such as the Revolutionary War and Civil War. When thinking of revolution, modernization comes to mind. The modernization of America was the biggest factor in determining how America would turn out in the future. America is not the most stable country, but from its past and different obstacles, it has been able to bounce back from nearly every problem, no matter what the circumstance. The Boston Tea Party, The Boston Massacre, the Treaty of Paris, and the Declaration of Independence all contribute to the different reasons why America is the country it is today. This essay will explain the importance of the Civil War and the American Revolution and how the colonists were trying to be independent from Great Britain. It will explain the similarities and differences of why the American Revolution and the American Civil War happened.
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The American Revolution was based more off of social society and colonist breaking free from Great Britain where they were able to be free. While, the American civil war was fought for the economic rights in America and also slavery was one of the major issues at that time due to tax and also how a slave was accounted for. The American Revolution when the columnist rebelled against the involvement of Great Britain it led to the Boston tea party. Lastly, with the American Civil War the Union wanted to tax the Confederate states for every import they received. This did not happen because the South did not want to be dictated by people who they did not agree with which was a leading cause of the American Civil War. Given the information about the American Revolution and the American Civil War even though they have their differences and similarities both their major issues helped Americanize our country for what it is

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