Similarities And Differences Of Rubin, Hurricane Carter And Nelson Mandela

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Rubin “Hurricane” Carter and Nelson Mandela were both two powerful black leaders who were both sentenced to prison for innocent reasons. Carter and Mandela both fought for the inequality around the world, but yet were from different sides of the world. Carter was from the United States of America, and Mandela was from South Africa. Although these two men were both in prison, it does not mean they were terrible men, however, they actually made the world a better place with their prestige and recognition that they both deserved. Both of these men served over twenty years in jail for being accused of false allegations and gives people another chance at life. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter’s crazy life begun when he was about 12 years old. He went to juvenile reformatory because of one of his friends were in an endangered situation, and Carter stood up …show more content…
Although both of these men were very different, but yet very similar, both of these men were in prison roughly around the time. It is crazy to think that both of them being on the opposite side of the world, they were both fighting for justice. Both of these men were also in jail for over 20 years. When Carter was in his cell, he even mentioned Mandela in the movie saying that all he could think about was how Mandela was also in prison and wrote about his experiences, and there will be something good out of the terrible situation. I feel like this statement is true and there are reason why things happen even if we might not know why, but there is always a reason behind it. Both of these men are modern social change agents today because they both stood up for what is right and what needed to be done. Although racism is still occurring today, these men have helped our society become aware of the situation and hopefully people will take into account that separating blacks and whites is not okay and we need to come together as one even if we have different

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