Similarities And Differences Of Private Universities And Public Coed Universities

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After graduating high school, students are expected to enroll in a University, which is an institution of higher education that provides knowledge for an individual. Universities transform students into intelligent, intellectual thinkers, and expose them to many experiences and opportunities. Universities are different when it comes to the system, such as public coed universities and private female universities. There are many differences that distinguish between both types of universities, however, there are many similarities such as the same amount of work ,the same amount of hours, and the same educational system.

One difference between the Public coed university and the Private female university is the tuition
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The educational system in both universities include the same curriculum, the same teaching style, and the same grading system. Both universities take the same academic content taught in classes, students purchase the same books from the same publishers such as Harcourt, and Pearson. Also, public coed universities and private female universities have the same learning objectives; to prepare students for the essential skills and knowledge they need to succeed. The teaching style for both universities require students to be independent learners. Most teachers explain the lesson and discuss it with their students, but they are not responsible for providing detailed explanation for everything; students have to read and search about certain topics to understand them. In addition, Teachers use presentations, examples, and definitions to satisfy the students’ ability of learning. Moreover, the grading system in both universities have the same standards and the same technique. Standard grading system will give students grade that is either excellent, good, average, minimal, or failed. The grading system doesn't apply to exams only, they also include assignments and projects for students. Teachers calculate every grade that was written in the student record, and they will have a result of the final grade.

To conclude, University is a major institution of higher education that provides knowledge, and different systems. Public coed universities and Private female universities are examples of different gender systems. Both universities differ from each other, yet they are similar in their amount of work, hours, and educational

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