Why Is The Roaring Twenties Important In The Great Gatsby

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The Roaring Twenties
“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.”- Albert Camus. The Roaring Twenties better known as the 1920’s was an era of very vivid changes. From people 's economic life to their social life. It either went down the drain or rose up like crazy. The 1920’s was an age of pure entertainment, movie production, jazz, parties, money and achieving their view on the american dream etc. Money was the motive back then, yet it still is. Well to some people. It was that one object that everyone wanted to have. Many people thought that having money was a way of pursuing the american dream which was almost true. Almost true, well
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It ruled people’s social lives. Money was a major part of it. Money was a necessity for surviving the roaring twenties. In the novel, The Great Gatsby the people are divided into three specific groups. One being, old money which is represented by Tom Buchanan meaning inherited money. The Buchanans were born into wealth. Unlike Mr. Gatsby, who represents new money. “Dan Cody 's yacht drop anchor on a dangerous stretch of Lake Superior. Cody employs Jay Gatsby in a "vague personal capacity" (page 106) Tom mentions how Gatsby one time and says to him “bootlegger” and he continued by telling him that he is dirty money and saying “I found out what your ‘drug-stores’ were” (page 133). Tom points out how Gatsby earns his money which is very shocking to the people in the room and it gets him nervous because he didn’t want Daisy to find out that way. He does not want Daisy to find out that that is how he has been earning his money because that type of money is gathered in many illegal, obscure ways. Lastly, the class that does not have money at all which is represented by Mr. Wilson. Living in this age your social class did matter because it basically defined who you were and your

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