Similarities And Differences Between Ovid And Hesiod 's Point Of View

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Hesiod 's Theogony provides theories and stories of the representation of how the earth was developed and how the god 's started their beginnings. Ovid 's point of view provides a different depiction of Hesiod 's demonstration in the Book Metamorphoses as represented in his Theogony, a different depiction of the story The Creation as represented in his cosmogony, and a different depiction of the story The Four Ages, as represented in his cosmology. With all of these differences it is very interesting to find the similarities in the stories of Metamorphoses & Theogony told by the both Ovid and Hesiod. Both Hesiod and Ovid have similarities, as well as differences in their understanding of how the universe and mankind began. In the Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the creation of mankind was looked at from a completely different approach than Hesiod’s. The definition of Hesiod’s Theogony is about “the births of the gods”. For Hesiod he states “ In truth at first Chaos came to be”, is something that lacked a sense of order; for mankind. The Definition of Metamorphoses is, striking changes of form and structure into another. Which shows that Ovid believed mankind was formed by something and someone. In metamorphoses he states that there is only one god of all things; talking about how chaos (the god) made the world have order. Ovid was able to branch off of Hesiod’s belief of mankind, but showed his in a different way; since he spoke about the creation of mankind. Cosmogony is, the…

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