Leadership Vs. Management

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In the current business world, the concept of leadership and management have turned to be significant for the success of any enterprise. The business environment keeps on changing due to both internal and external factors; hence, businesses have identified the importance of the two concepts for better performance. The workplaces have incorporated a lot of diversity, from the task force to the business culture, which implies that firms need competent leaders or managers to remain competitive. However, people confuse between the two terms where they even use them interchangeably. Both aspects are crucial for business continuity, and none of the two can be underrated. Therefore, the paper defines leadership and management, discusses
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That is, leadership concentrates on the achievement of the set goals, while management focuses on the results, which must rhyme with the forecasted results (Bolman & Deal, 2014). That is why, leadership emphasizes on leading the members by an example, while management deals with managing the work as outlined. For example, most of the successful international businesses such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung, among others apply the leadership approach to facilitate creativity and innovation. Again, based on the decision-making process, management plays the involved role in making the decision; that is managers makes the firm’s essential choices without consulting the employers, while leadership facilitates the role in decision making by involving all the stakeholders to contribute towards the …show more content…
For instance, various enterprises have employed the leadership styles to influence the workers’ attitude and morale towards conducting their roles. In particular, corporations have adopted both democratic and transformational leadership styles to ensure that every stakeholder is involved in making decisions, which acts as a motivator to the subordinate toward working hard and willingly (Nahavandi, 2016). Again, firms have discovered on the negative implications of some leadership styles such as authoritative, which demotivates the taskforce; hence, avoiding them.
It is significant for every individual; more so the leaders and the managers in the organizations to understand in depth the correlation and the difference between leadership and management. Again, it is essential to familiarize themselves with the impacts that each has in the business productivity and performance. Understanding the two terms can result in positive effects on a firm, and assists the organizational head in employing the best concept to enhance employees' satisfaction and high

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