Similarities And Differences Between John Smith And Jamestown

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Jamestown and Plymouth Plantation both were looking for new land and a new beginning. There are some similarities in both stories, but there are also some differences. In Jamestown there is a man named Capt. John Smith. In Plymouth Plantation it’s a group of sailors that are lead by a man named William Bradford. They both have similar encounters with the Native americans when you compare both of them side to side. The stories are close to being the same, but they are not if you pay close attention.
Captain John Smith and William Bradford were both very different people. John smith all he really cared about was money. John smith would pretty much do anything for money, he did not really care if the money was legal or illegal. One of the ways
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He would make people get their own food. Without people having a job they would not get any food. He did not really care about other people. All Captain John Smith really cared about was about himself and no one else. William Bradford was kind and had faith on people. He would really care about other people no matter what it took. He would care about other people if they had food or supplies to survive the winter. He would not only care about himself he would care about other people too. Smith was a person who had confidence in his people no matter if he cared about them. He knew his people had faith in him and he had faith in his people that they would …show more content…
John Smith 's main reason to come to the new world was because he was in search of tobacco and to conquer the land and the native Americans. William Bradford’s main reason to come to the new world was that he wanted religious freedom. Only Capt. John Smith wanted tobacco so that he could sell it and make a lot of money. Back then tobacco was very crucial to the people back in England. William Bradford wanted nothing to do with tobacco, he had other reasons mainly for religion. Both men have different perspectives on the new world. Capt. John Smith looks at it as a land that needs to be conquered and William Bradford looks at it as a new beginning for him and the pilgrims. Capt. John Smith is a fearless,and courageous man while William Bradford is a gentle, and understanding man. Both have the same ambition of going to the new world to settle the land and call it their own. Their goal is almost the same except they have different

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