Similarities And Differences Between Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange

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1. Research statement
This research will investigate the similarities and differences between Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HSX) and The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), in terms of their operations and trading systems, in order to assess what HSX could learn from the NYSE’s standards, so that recommendations can be made to HSX.
2. Research questions
2.1 Research question 1: What is the historical development of Vietnamese and American Stock Markets?
There are three types of information sources used in this research project: primary sources, secondary sources and social commentary sources.
Primary sources
Primary sources are the sources that consist of the first-hand or original information and experience of the authors. The information from primary source is usually created by someone with personal experience of something during a specific research or specific event. In addition, the primary sources also bring valuable data such as figures, tables or numbers of those organisations. Nonetheless, the data was created by the organisations themselves; therefore, it might be biased in some cases. Common primary sources are diaries, an art work or autobiographies (Massey University, 2012).
Primary source
HOSE trading regulations. (2016). Retrieved on May 9, 2016 from

This source is very helpful, which contains a large amount of information about the background and history of Vietnamese stock…

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