Differences Between Gorillas And Chimps

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Neil Rao
Differences Between Gorillas and Chimps

Gorillas and chimps are both members of the great apes family. They have some similarities and differences, and both will be listed.

Gorillas may look intimidating with their size and forceful look. They are actually very gentle. Gorillas also have a caring human like nature and behavior. Gorillas can be powerful and forceful when it comes to their young, they are very nurturing and care for their young. Gorillas play a large role in any nearby ecosystem, they deposit seeds of the fruit they consume, helping to spread fruit growth and plant growth. A gorilla's physical description is quite interesting. They have an opposable big toe, kind of like a human thumb, they use their feet
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The blame for the population disappearing lies on commercial and sport hunting for bushmeat. These cute and playful animals are endangered. Humans and chimps are very closely related around 95% of chimp genes are shared with humans. The characteristic chimpanzee shape includes an opposable thumb kind of like humans, long arms that extend past their knees. A prominent mouth. The skin on the face, ears, palms, and soles of their feet is bare, and the rest of the body is covered in shades of brown and black hair. Chimpanzees can climb trees and during the day they stay in the trees, in the trees they also build makeshift nests out of vegetation. They also move on the ground, but prefer to stay in trees. Chimps walk on all fours unlike humans, who have evolved and walk upright. Chimps can walk upright for a certain distance, but not very far. Young chimps get around by swinging from branch to branch, that’s when they're long arms are very helpful. Older chimps tend to knuckle-walk on the ground. Chimpanzees are known to be playful, they are the most social of the apes. They live in groups or communities of 15 to 120 chimps at a time. Cases of males leaving the group in which they were born in, don’t frequently happen. Chimpanzees comfort each other and increase each other through grooming. The diet of a chimp mainly consists of large amounts of fruit, a lot of insects, and small birds and small mammals. Chimpanzees are very smart, and share an intriguing ability with the Homo Habilis (Handy Man). Chimps actually have developed the brain to make tools to gain access to their food, such as collecting termites, with sharpened and scented sticks, as well as anvil-like rocks for cracking open

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